Are you frustrated with not being able to become pregnant? Have you been diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’? Are you able to become pregnant, but suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss?

The fertility journey can be overwhelming and very lonely.

Dr. Joyce understands how hard this can be and is passionate about working with women to help them better understand the process and find explanations and answers. She has helped hundreds of women get pregnant and deliver a healthy child. There are many factors that can contribute to fertility concerns or miscarriages, including endometriosis, thyroid dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies, PCOS, stress, autoimmune disease and more.

When performing a thorough health history and reviewing bloodwork, Dr. Joyce will be looking for indicators such as irregular cycles, menstrual pain, poor egg health, absence of cervical mucous, anovulation, etc. Having these answers allows her to create an individualized treatment plan to support your fertility and pregnancy journey.

Close crop shot of a woman's hands holding a pregnancy test

Fertility Support May Include:

  • Nutritional support
  • Supplements
  • Acupuncture
  • Hormone prescriptions (such as progesterone)
  • Stress reduction

Dr. Joyce wants to be with you every step of your fertility journey.
Let her take on the role of supporting you.

Naturopathic Medicine and IVF

Dr. Joyce has worked with countless women who use the support of a fertility clinic and reproductive endocrinologist.

If you are considering IUI or IVF, know there are a lot of options that can be discussed to offer support through this process, and maybe improve your outcome.

Shot of an IVF procedure under a microscope

You’re pregnant! Now what?

Congratulations! Now we change our treatment focus and work on supporting your pregnancy to carry to term and ensuring that you have a healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Joyce usually recommends a progress-check during each trimester. This will allow her to be able to ensure that all of your needs are met and make suggestions for concerns you may be having such as nausea, fatigue, sleep, muscle cramps, constipation, heartburn and high blood pressure.

Lastly, and very importantly, Dr. Joyce wants to ensure that you are well prepared for the post partum period. Once women deliver their baby, the focus of healthcare often shifts to the baby. Dr. Joyce wants to ensure the focus is also on the health of the mother and feels strongly about routine screening, including bloodwork, being performed post partum.

Photo of a smiling pregnant woman holding her belly

Baby has arrived!

Children’s health is very important at our clinic and Dr. Joyce believes that starting early education and health awareness with a child will help to ensure they are getting the optimal foundation for good health.

We encourage parents to start bringing their children for visits soon after birth. During those first months of a baby’s life, we can help answer questions about things such as breastfeeding and sleep issues. As your child gets older, we will discuss with you such topics as food introduction and dealing with colds and flu. After the first year, we recommend bringing your children for a check up at least once annually. We will discuss their health over the past year, perform a physical exam and offer some recommendations to optimize their health. We also encourage parents to bring children in when they are suffering from a cold or flu. Naturopathic Medicine can assist with minimizing symptoms and decreasing the duration of an illness.

Some common children’s health conditions we treat are:

  • Frequent cold and flu bugs
  • Digestive concerns (constipation, diarrhea, tummy aches)
  • Skin concerns (eczema, rashes)
  • Anxiety
  • Poor sleep patterns
Close crop shot of a baby's hand resting in an adult hand