Hi! My name is Dr. Susan Joyce.

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor committed to helping women feel their best, every day of the month.

Over the years, thousands of women have come to my office who were struggling with their health while being told their symptoms were normal.

Patient-centred care is always a priority and having a good understanding of a woman’s goals and wishes is important when we are discussing the best options for treatment.  You will receive a compassionate, evidence-based approach to your health goals.

I am licensed and trained to prescribe hormone therapy to my patients which can be an invaluable tool to be able to offer women through various stages in their lives.

I am also licensed to provide both Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D injections and find these can be of great support for patients suffering the symptoms of deficiencies.

Every person leaving my office does so with a better understanding of their body and why it is doing what it is doing.  This knowledge is power.  When you are given the knowledge to better understand your body, amazing things can happen.

You deserve the best women’s health care, naturally.

Dr. Joyce sitting on floor in front of sofa

From puberty to post-menopause and every in between,
women deserve optimal care and clear answers to their questions.

Photo of Dr. Joyce smiling relaxed in a modern chair, surrounded by an airy white background.


I attended Queen’s University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Biology. I then went on to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, where I completed the 4-year program to become a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Each year, I continue to upgrade my knowledge through educational courses, conferences and webinars.

Other Fun Facts:

  • I have two cute girls who keep me very busy outside of the office.
  • I also have a cute hubby and we have been together since I was 19!  We met in Chemistry lab at university – so cheesy.
  • I love dark chocolate.  Not a little bit, like A LOT.  It is the first thing I eat every morning.  And again in a couple of hours…and then again.
  • My happy place is sitting in the sun on the dock at our cottage with a glass of rosé.
  • I pretend I like winter and go downhill skiing with my family, but I really just want it to be summer (see above).