Dr. Susan Joyce partners with her patients to explore the root causes of their symptoms and to map out a treatment plan to help them achieve their health goals.

Your work with Dr. Joyce begins with the Initial Assessment:

  • 75 minutes long to allow for in-depth discussion of your medical history, current symptoms and concerns.
  • In-person appointments preferred, but telephone and virtual appointments available.
  • Includes a review of previous lab work, supplements and medications, if applicable.
    Note – Dr. Joyce may suggest more bloodwork.
  • Leads to a personalized treatment protocol and recommendations for ongoing care.
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Appointment Preparation

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Book Your Appointment

Dr. Joyce’s wonderful assistant Polly is here to book your appointment.
Please contact us:
By email: info@healthyfoundations.ca
By phone: 705-243-5163.

Complete Your Intake Form

Polly will send the link for our online intake form once your booking is complete;
please submit this form at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Medical Reports

If you have medical reports to share, please speak to Polly about submitting digital copies, or bring hard copies with you to your appointment.

Supplements + Medications

If you are taking any supplements or medications, please submit a list to Polly, or bring the products with you to your appointment.

Progress Check

At the close of your initial assessment, Dr. Joyce will suggest the best time for a progress-check. Generally speaking, follow-up appointments are booked 4-8 weeks after your first visit, to ascertain how your treatment is coming along, review any new bloodwork, and to make any necessary changes.

Ongoing Care

How often you follow up with Dr. Joyce will depend on your particular concerns.
Once you have achieved well-being, you may want to transition to other types of ongoing care including:

  • As-needed appointments. These are helpful for a new health concern, or an acute illness such as a cough, cold, urinary tract or yeast infection.
  • Bloodwork review. These appointments can be booked to review any newly acquired bloodwork, or to request that Dr. Joyce requisition blood work based on your current healthcare needs.
  • Annual check-ups. These appointments are helpful to ensure that your health goals are being met, to review any new concerns or lab work, and to check in to see if you are taking the correct supplements.
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Initial Consultations:
Adult (75 minutes) $240
Child/Student (75 minutes) $180 

Follow-up Consultations:
10-15 minutes $55
15-30 minutes $90
30-45 minutes $120
60 minutes $150
Acupuncture (30 minutes) $70
Acupuncture (45 minutes) $85  

Telephone/Email Consultations:
Fees are based on the appointment times above.

Cancellation policy: Please provide 48 hours notice or a cancellation fee of $50 may apply.  

Begin Your Patient Journey

It’s important to remain proactive and engaged in your health. One of Dr. Joyce’s aims is to continue to inspire you and keep you up to date with evidence-based treatment solutions.