Welcome to Healthy Foundations Naturopathic Clinic!

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Healthy Foundations Naturopathic Clinic was founded on a very simple principle – to provide our patients with the foundations for good health.

Why do we feel that Healthy Foundations Naturopathic Clinic is unique?

We are dedicated. We are committed to providing our patients and their families with the tools and guidance they need to develop their own individualized health plan.
We educate. We feel that in order for people to take control of their own health and get involved in their own healing process, they need to be informed. We strive to teach and empower our patients, both during our in-office visits, as well as through handouts and take home resources.
We care. We are hoping to create a long term relationship with our patients. We know that one’s health is continually evolving, and we wish to be there to support our patients through these changes.
We are passionate. We feel very strongly that the body has the ability to heal itself. We invest wholeheartedly into helping people feel their best.
We are diverse. We know that not all people have the same needs, so we use a variety of modalities including: herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, diet and nutrition, cleansing and detoxes, exercise, and lifestyle counseling.
We listen. We spend a lot of time with each patient. We really want to understand and attend to what that individual needs at that time.
We investigate. We use a variety of different tests to help us gain a better understanding of a patient’s health. Some of the tests we find to be helpful are the IgG Blood Spot Allergy test, Hair Mineral Analysis, Salivary Hormone testing and Comprehensive Digestive Stool analysis.
We understand. We are both moms, wives, daughters, siblings, aunts, friends and business owners. We know how busy life can get and how hard it can be to find balance.
We love what we do! When it all comes down to it, the heart of the matter is that we are both completely devoted to what we do. We love Naturopathic Medicine. We live it, breath it, eat it and believe it. Over time, we hope that we can instill this enthusiasm in you.

Yours in health,
Dana Marshall, ND and Susan Joyce, ND